NGX-FANCY-LOGGER is a console logging utility which helps to manage console logs for angular application. Make debugging easier with more readable and configurable fancy logs.

This was my first public talk, and organized by geek97.

Angular SSR and Prerendering

It this talk, you will see how to implement angular server side rendering and prerendering with angular universal. Angular SSR and Prerendering helps to improve initial loading time and SEO.

This talk was organized by Fullstack Javascript Earth.

Angular SSR and Prerendering Discussion with Santosh Yadav

In this episode at Tech Talks with Santosh, we discussed about SSR and Pre-rendering. how it works and how it can help in performance improvement and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

Create an angular library and publish it to NPM

In this talk, You will see what is the purpose of angular library ? how you can create it from scratch, Testing the library in local angular application and how to publish it to NPM.

This talk was organized by Angular Online Meetup (now known as Angular Hive) group.

Getting Started with Scully - Angular Static Site Generator

Scully is a static site generator for angular application. In this talk you will see how to use scully in angular apps, create a blog site with scully and how to use existing plugins and create custom plugins.  

This talk was organized by ngKeralam.