learn one of the most popular
client-side JavaScript based framework by Google

learn one of the most popular
client-side JavaScript
based framework by Google

Angular Features

Open Source Angular NgDevelop

Open Source​

Angular is a part of Google Open Source Projects with MIT Licence.

Angular multiple devices NgDevelop

Web And Mobile App​

Develop Application across all Platforms. Learn one way to build an application and reuse your code for any deployment target.

Angular JavaScript TypeScript NgDevelop

ES6 and TypeScript Support​

Angular Supports JavaScript ES5, ES6 and TypeScript. You can Develop an Application using any of the language.

Angular speed and Performance

Speed & Performance​

Angular is developed with speed and performance in mind. Achieve the maximum speed possible on the Web Platform today.

Angular community support

Community Support

Angular has a large amount of community support.

Angular Modular


Develop the Modular Single Page Application. Application is divided into multiple modules

Made with Angular

Angular is used in public-facing applications and sites such as Google Cloud Platform and AdWords, YouTube, Freelancer, City Bank, Google Developer Experts, AirAsia as well as many internal tools.

Here is the some of the websites which are developed using Angular.

learn angular development from scratch
with below advantages

NgDevelop : GitHub : Code Download

Code Download

Download the Source Code of each example from the GitHub Repository

Clone the repository and use this demo source code in your application for the further enhancement.

Live Example

See the Live Example of GitHub Source Code on StackBlitz. Create a new Angular Code or Edit the GitHub Repository of published code on StackBlitz.

StackBlitz is the online IDE for web applications. Powered by VS Code.

NgDevelop StackBlitz Live Example
Angular Editor VSCode

Popular App Development Tools

Good tools make application development quicker and easier to maintain than manual writing.

Develop the Application using Popular Tools like Angular CLI and Visual Studio Code.

Angular CLI is the command line interface which is used to generate project as well as other code snippets.

Visual Studio Code is the Popular IDE which provides extensions to reduce efforts to manage and develop code.

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